[SPOILER] New Scans

[SPOILER] New Scans


On that note, I like the naming scheme for the Yaraneeda. Yaraneeda pretty much means "Don't want to do anything." Zenzen Yaraneeda goes to "Don't want to do anything at all." And Zettai Yaraneeda would mean "Absolutely don't want to do anything."


What's "Fuck This I'm Outta Here?" in Japanese?


Literally it seems to be “Kore o fakku watashi wa koko ni iru” though I imagine there’s a better translation out there (“get the fuck outta here” is “Kieusero” if that helps). Also fun fact: Zakenna from Futari Wa is derived from zakennayo, a Japanese curse word that basically means “Don’t fuck with me”


I saw Magical Cinnamon’s video covering this and he noted the monster in the magazine scan seems to be different from the monster in the episode preview. Anyway I’m excited to see her new attack! It would be nice if the other cures could get new attacks as well.


To be fair, the scans aren’t always for the immediate next episode. For all we know, the new monster type could debut in the following one


Given that it only took 10 episodes for the second kind of yaraneeda to be released, I'm not surprised they're gonna introduce a third version soon.


Makes me wonder how many of these things we’re going to get (I seem to remember Smile having like 3 or 4 different monster types over the course of its run)


I wonder if the villains will be successful in getting whatever they're after alongside the Precure and their powerup, leading to the creation of the new Yaraneeda? Also wonder if they'll they be carrying on the 'released for holidays after a turn of motivation collecting' thing and have Numeri for episode 22 and Elda for 23? In which case might we see Butler step up in 24 if the three are still on holiday?


Well we saw in episode 17 that Butler can fight if he has to (he shoots a jet of water out of a cane) so I wouldn’t be surprised if he winds up going out in the field himself at some point before the series is over




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