Nioh 2 leveling and stat advice

Nioh 2 leveling and stat advice


Nah just keep what you got for now, wait until NG+ at least to reallocate


Stats don't matter that much since nioh is a gear based game. Level however you feel is right. And always keep your gear updated.


30 magic and dex for capacity limit. Stamina so you're in A or B agility Get a decent amount in heart and courage for ki and maybe some skill for a better ki pulse. Then some points for your main damage scaling stat. But going evenly on the rest is good too. The scaling isn't all that important and i'd prefer to have points spread to use whatever you feel


Depends if you're struggling or not due to not having enough points in a particular stat. Also stats do matter for more things beyond just damage such as health, being able to wear heavy armor so you can have better agility & toughness, and having access to all perks of your desired armor & guardian spirits. Yeah there's a softcap to them (which usually around 80-100 points) unless you aiming for activating an Ultimate [Stat], maximizing how much ninjutsu/magic you can carry, or maximizing your damage. But like someone else said, just wait til NG+ to reallocate.